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🔖 Cours de danse country

Rédigé comme un aide-mémoire, Cervelle de Country est un blog personnel dont le contenu recense les fiches des danses apprises au cours du jeudi soir, niveau débutant-intermédiaire.

The dancing cowboy est une école de danse western situĂ©e dans l’enceinte du Relais du Postillon Ă  Halluin. Les sites officiels :

đŸ€  Le relais du Postillon – Ecole de danse

😃 The Dancing Cowboy Halluin (Facebook)

Année 2023

Listes des danses reprises : Wayfaring Stranger, Closer, Commitment, The Spirit.

Année 2022

Danses apprises en 2022 : Nothing but you, Dust, Amarillo By Mornig, Easy dance, The harvester, Gone West, Fine, Ghost town, Getting good, Desirable, Country Bump, Locash , Bonaparte’s retreat, City of New Orleans, Codigo, Old and Grey, Cowboy Polka

Année 2021

Les annĂ©es Covid : Nancy Mulligan, Whole Again, Operator Operator, Mexi Fest, Closer, HomeGrown, Gipsy Queen, Laid back’n Low Key, Bring down the house, Lonely Drum

Les années Covid

Année 2020

Les annĂ©es Covid : Palais Slide, Laid back’n low key, DHSS, Anthem, It takes all kinds, Hold The Line, Another Country, Cucaracha, Clear Isabel, Feeling kinda Lonely

Affiche du Bal de 2020

Année 2019

Liste des danses apprises : Girl Of The Summer, Tag On, Toes, Wilburys Night, Champagne promise, Irish Ark, Crazy Postman, Texas Waltz, Dancing Violins, American Kids, Step Back, Wave Length, Forever And Ever, Twist & Shake, Country As Can Be

Affiche du bal country 2019

Année 2018

Liste des danses apprises : Rainy Night, Wanna Dance, I Want To Sing, All Over Again, All Shook Up, Louisiana Strut, Winter’s Apple, Chew Da Bacca, Just A Girl, Meat And Potatoe Man, Love Like Before, Easy Way, P3, Happy Happy Happy, God Bless Texas, Rock Paper Scissors, Twist And Shake, Don’t You Wish, Little Wagon Wheel, Home To Louisiana, Cha Cha One, Forever And Ever, Tag On, Bring on the Good Time, Give me two Steps, Pure And Simple, Lay Around.

Porte Ouverte

Année 2017

Liste des danses apprises : Bullfrog On A Log, American Kids, Just A Little Love, We Only Live Once, Disappearing Tail Lights, 100%Texan, Good Time Girls, Crash and burn, The boat to liverpool , Tango with the sherrif, County Fair, One step forward, NomĂšs Per Tu, Menphis, J’envoie en l’air, Go Mama Go, Smokey Places, Not Fair, Heartache by the number, Good time, Monday for two, AppleJack, Wayfaring Stranger, H2O2, Hardwood Stomp, Honky Tonk Stomp, On The Wave, Western Cha Cha, Devil in Disguise, Commitment.

Affiche du bal Country 2017

Année 2016

Liste des danses apprises : An absolute Dream, Cabo san Lucas, Long Long Way, Looking Good, Old dan Tucker, Snap Clap n’Wink, Rose Garden, When, Maddly Off In All Direction, Cowgirl Twist, Hillbily Rock, Just A Memory, Just A Minute, Hearts & Flowers, Bare Essentials, Wishfull Thinking, Love Trick, Let Your Love Flow, Down On The Corner, Duchess Hustle, Tush Push, Jambalaya, Star now, Deep River, Cowboy Charleston, Pay Me My Money Down, Dooley’s Dance, Pick A Ball Of Coton, Live Laugh Love, Cripple creek, Swamp Thing, Walking Shoes, Tornado, El Paso, Ribbon Of Highway, The Grundy Gallop, The Blarney Roses, Ghost Train, Lamtarra Rhumba, 2 Hells & Back

Affiche du bal de 2016

Année 2015

Liste des danses apprises : Sway, Reaching Out, Something Fine, Sunny Day, Midnight Waltz, TT Hurricane, Dancing Cowboy, Oul Rig A Doo, Start Easy, Irish Stew, Sweet Maureen, You Are No Angel, Blue Rodeo, Alligator Rock, Easy Come Easy Go, Li’l bit T